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Treatment Price
Examination (inc xrays) £35
Emergency Assessment £60
Hygienist / Scale & Polish £55
Deep Clean (Periodontal Treatment) £75 per session
Amalgam fillings (silver) £80 - £100
Composite fillings (tooth coloured) £95 - £180
Root canal treatment (Incisor-premolar-molar) £250 - £550
Extraction £95 - £150
Metal crowns £300
Porcelain fused to metal crown (tooth coloured) £550
Porcelain crown (tooth coloured) From £650
Bridge (per unit) From £300
Veneer From £395
Partial denture – acrylic (plastic) From £450
Flexible acrylic denture (plastic) From £550
Partial denture – cobalt chrome (metal) From £650
Complete denture From £650
Teeth whitening (home) £350
Quick Straight Teeth (per arch) £1195
Invisalign (clear braces) From £1750 per arch
Terms and Conditions

All treatment is individually assessed. Some complex treatments may be calculated as a whole ,with a price given for the course of treatment.

Generally payment is due on the day of completion .With the commencement of any treatment involving complex treatment plans or laboratory work a 50 % deposit will be required.

Payment is accepted via cash, debit /credit cards, as well as our own inhouse finance scheme. Also treatment may vary on commencing with the work and may alter the final price which is subject to change this will always be communicated at the earliest convenience.

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